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Date 2015-07-01 Number of inquiry 502
File Vol.3, No.2, June 2015.pdf
[IJAR] Vol.3 No.2, June, 2015

[IJAR] Vol.3 No.2, June, 2015


Hysteresis modeling for a mechanical brake system of a raiway vehicle

D. C. Lee, C. G. Kang


A Computation Simulation of two low Speed Trains Traverse in a Tunnel

L G Praveen Laws, H. W. Bae, J. Y. Sung


Study on the Wear Properties according to the change of Railway Wheel Unbalance

S. I. Lee, M. S. Song, C. Y. Chang


Study of Driving Cab Design Element for Safety of Driver in the Urban Railway

K. R. Ahn

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