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Date 2014-10-02 Number of inquiry 638
File Vol.2, No.3, September 2014.pdf
[IJAR] Vol.2 No.3, September, 2014

[IJAR] Vol.2 No.3 September, 2014


Dynamic Analysis on Wheel-set vibration due to Wheel/Rail Contact

Seung-Hee Han, Ki-Seok Song, Ja-Choon Koo, Yeon-Sun Choi


Design of accelerated life test of the traction inverter in the High Speed Train

(KTX-1) using acceleration effect of the applied voltage

S. K. Jung, H. Y. Maeng


Standardization of rail vehicle cab for the prevention of human errors

B. S. Yum


A study on Train Operators Behavior in the Automated Train

Hee Jo, June-Woo Shin, Sang-Ho Choi

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