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Date 2014-08-04 Number of inquiry 940
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[IJAR] Vol.2 No.2, June, 2014
[IJAR] Vol.2 No.2, June, 2014
Monitoring and Cause Analysis of Tread Abnormal Wear in a Metro Line
Heji Zhang, Guiming Mei, Hengyu Wang, Wenjian Wang, Zefeng Wen and Xuesong Jin

Monitoring of Corrugation Growth on Tracks with Cologne Egg Fastening System
Hengyu Wang, Stuart Grassie, Yongquan Deng, Heji Zhang, Wenjian Wang, Zefeng Wen, Xuesong Jin
A Study on Re-adhesion Control of Urban Railway Vehicle
Gildong Kim, Hanmin Lee, Changmu Lee, Hyunjun Park, Jeongmin Jho
A boundary element scheme for problems of framed structures subjected to seismic and moving loads
I. I. Ivanchenko
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