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Date 2014-04-04 Number of inquiry 632
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[IJAR] Vol.2 No.1, March, 2014
[IJAR] Vol.2 No.1, March, 2014
A Numerical Study on the Brake Squeal Noise of KTX
Byeong-Choon Goo
Characteristics of Graphite Particle Size Comprised in Metallic Friction Material
Jong-Seong Lee, Su-Young Chung, Hi-Sung Lee
The Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform in the Abnormal Vibration Analysis for Metro Vehicle
Qiuze Li, Huailong Shi, Jianbin Wang, Pingbo Wu
A Study on the Wearing Phenomenon Analysis of Pantograph Slider for the Subway Cars
Young-Gyu Kim, Su-Young Chung, Seok-Jin Kwon
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