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Date 2014-01-16 Number of inquiry 678
File [IJAR]Vol.1 No.3.pdf
[IJAR] Vol.1 No.3, December, 2013
[IJAR] Vol.1 No.3, December, 2013
Dynamic Response of Maglev Vehicles Excited by Irregularities
LIAGN Xin, LUO Shi-hui, WU Qing, MA Wei-hua

Flow Calculation around Passing-By Trains in the Double-Bore Railway Tunnel with Vertical Ventilation
Yong-Jun Jang

Damage Detection of Rolling Contact Fatigue in Railway Wheel Using Electro-Magnetic Monitoring System
Seok-Jin Kwon, Ji-Seong Hwang, Jung-Won Seo2, Dong-Hyong Lee

The Method for the Temperature Monitoring in a Reduction Gear of the High-Speed Railway
Ji-Seong Hwang, Seok-Jin Kwon, Dong-Hyong Lee, Jung-Won Seo
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