Name IJAR Email
Date 2013-08-15 Number of inquiry 754
File [IJAR]Vol.1 No.1.pdf
[IJAR] Vol.1, No.1, June 2013
[IJAR] Vol.1, No.1
- Evaluation of Multiaxial Fatigue Strength of Urban Railway Wheel Steel
   + Jong-Gon Ahn, In-Dong You, Seok-Jin Kwon, Ho-Kyung Kim
- Analysis of Stress Distribution in the Laser Welding Process
   + Chul-Ku Lee, Woo-Ram Lee
- Evaluation of Target Market Model of Freight Railway Transport up to 2015
   + Belyi O.V., Tsyganov V.V., Savushkin S. A., Sirina N. F.
- Role of Rail Transport in Business Activities
   + Dmitry A. Macheret
- Diagnostic System for Rolling Stock Wheel Sets Bearing Units
   + V. Tetter
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