Name IJAR Email
Date 2015-09-30 Number of inquiry 472
File Vol.3, No.3, September 2015.pdf
[IJAR] Vol.3 No.3, September, 2015

[IJAR] Vol.3 No.3, Septeamber, 2015


A study on the Rubber tire maintenance case, Busan Line 4 trains
T.Kwon, W.Kwon, H.C.Park


Study on the Calculation of Safe Sidetracking Time for the Local Train using Blocking Time Model
H.L.Roh, Y.D.Won, K.H.Choi, G.S.Kim


A Study on a Mountain Train Operation
J.S.Lee, S.Y.Jung, M.S.Song


A study of selecting components for Condition-Based Maintenance through failure data analysis of railway vehicles
K.H.Shin, A.S.Oh, K.Y.Shin, B.J.Lim, Y.K.Choi, H.H.Hwang

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